Python for Test Automation APIs

(See the beginning of this series here) So here at Adept Labs we build test automation frameworks a lot, and we’ve learned a few (ok, more than a few) tricks that make for really flexible and, frankly, pretty cool systems. That is, if you’re the type of person to see some code and say, “Wow! […]

Choose Python for Test Automation

Here at Adept Labs we certainly have a language preference. This isn’t meant to imply that there is only a single correct option. The internet is already full of wars over this very subject, and I’m not here to tell anyone that they must feel exactly the way that I do when picking a language […]

Hello, world!

You understand the importance of test automation for speeding up development cycles. We provide tools and know-how to get it done. Automation frameworks, test lab architecture, best practices–you name it; we’ve been doing it for years. Need to build coherent tests involving multiple third-party APIs? We’ve done that. Need to automate in-browser user experience testing? […]